What is the Data Grid?
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What is the Data Grid?

The Data Grid is a view in the Portal that displays student-level data in a spreadsheet-like format, including: demographics, attendance, academic assessments, and much more. The purpose of this feature is to let you customize the data you want to see by adding or removing columns and filtering or sorting the data to get the view you need. The Data Grid reduces the need for users to take data out of the Portal by bringing all information together in one place. From the Left-side Navigation click Data Grid to access.

How can I filter the data in the grid?

Hover over the column header you want to filter and click on the hamburger icon. Then click on the filter icon and uncheck the values you want to remove, leaving only the desired values selected. Use the dropdown and dialogue box that appears to select how you want to filter the column.

How can I sort the column?

You can sort any column in the grid in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column header. The arrow will indicate the order the column is sorted.

How can I customize what data I’m looking at?

Click on edit columns in the upper left hand corner. Then, click on All fields and use the drop downs to select the categories you want to view. Then check or uncheck the boxes to select the columns you want to review within the category or categories selected. When you have finished your customization, click Apply columns in the right hand corner.

What Batch Actions can I perform using the Data Grid?

Learn more about an individual or group of students

  • Click on the Batch Edit in the upper right hand corner. Check the boxes next to the names of students’ you want to review individual profiles for. Once you have selected your students, click on View profiles. When you finish reviewing a student’s profile use the arrow in the upper right hand corner to scroll to the next student.

Assign students to a support based on what I filtered for

  • After you have created a support, click on the Batch actions in the upper left hand corner. After you click on batch actions you can check the boxes next to the names of students you want to assign to the same support. After you have selected your students, click the dropdown next to Edit and select Supports. Then click Assign support.

Other bulk actions you can take are removing or completing a support, generating reports, and assigning point people.

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