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How can I monitor student progress to graduation?
How can I monitor student progress to graduation?
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How can I monitor student progress to graduation?

Before examining progress to graduation, administration should set school metrics. The goal of setting metrics is to record the school’s general course programming sequence and expected exam benchmarks so that students who are behind are flagged by the Portal. Administrators should utilize the Setup pages found through the Credits, Graduation, and Regents dashboards, all located along the left side navigation before proceeding to monitor progress to graduation.

From the Home On track for graduation plan tile

  • Use the 1st dropdown to filter for the students you would like to see data for, and the 2nd dropdown to group your students, which can help identify trends among subgroups

  • Hover over each bar in the graph to view the percentage of students falling into the different attendance risk groups

  • Below the bar graph, the same data can be viewed in tabular form. Hover over a column header for more information

  • Click on a row in the table to view specifics on this group of students, outlining where they need review

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