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Understanding how to use the Portal to review Mock Regents data
Understanding how to use the Portal to review Mock Regents data
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Once schools have administered Mock Regents to their students and ensured steps were followed to have New Visions import that data into the Portal, the results can be reviewed right in the Portal!


Mock Regents Lists

From the Left-side Navigation (nav), users can select Mock Regents to be brought to a list allowing users to manipulate the dropdowns to customize their experience.

Use the first dropdown to break exams down to focus on the specific content groupings for that subject area. These include:

  • Global / US History

    • Unit

    • Content Specification / Standard

    • Item-Level Analysis

  • Algebra 1

    • Cluster

    • Standard

    • Item-Level Analysis

  • Living Environment

    • Performance Indicator

    • Major Understanding

    • Item-Level Analysis

Selecting Item-Level Analysis allows users to walk through each question to analyze the percentage of students who answered each question correctly, as well as the distribution of students selecting each answer choice.

Use the second dropdown to analyze results for all students, ELL and Non-ELL students, as well as IEP and Non-IEP student groups for the specified content grouping.

Mock Regents Student Profile

Selecting an individual student using the Student Profile section of the Left-side Navigation will bring users to a student profile, where they can scroll down to the Mock Regents Panel in the profile. From here, student performance data will be displayed by Item Type, Exam Section, and Question Level Summaries. Points earned as well as percent earned are displayed for each breakdown.


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