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The Postsecondary Pathways List allows schools to monitor each student's plan after high school by including a list of college and career options and where the student is in their application process. This feature helps ensure that each planned graduate has a final Postsecondary plan.

This article will explain how to create Postsecondary Pathways in the Portal. Happy exploring! As always, feel free to share your feedback at schoolsupport@newvisions.org.


Follow these steps to manage Postsecondary lists using the Student profile:

  • Navigate to the Postsecondary list from the main left sidenav

  • Click on the name of the student whose list you would like to manage

  • Scroll down to the Postsecondary panel and click it to expand (if not already expanded)

  • Select Postsecondary list from the menu bar and click Add pathway

  • Use the dropdown to select which pathway you would like to add. Options defined below:

    • Career training program:

    • Certificate program:

    • College:

    • Employment:

    • Military:

    • Public Service:

    • Other:

  • Enter the requested information for your pathway, then click Add pathway

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