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We build the Portal to make it easier for schools to monitor attendance by showcasing individual student DOE risk groups, view school wide attendance data and so much more. The Portal helps users monitor students' attendance trends, and understand the full scope of attendance supports/interventions being provided at your school.

This article will provide an overview of the Attendance Heat Map. This tool is a dynamic, Student Sorter-based spreadsheet that helps schools to efficiently and systematically identify trends in daily attendance. Happy exploring! As always, feel free to share your feedback at schoolsupport@newvisions.org.


Accessing the Heat Map

To access the Attendance Heat Map:

  1. Click on Other tools from the main left sidenav.

  2. Click Attendance Heat Map for designated School year

Orientation to Heat Map tabs

Heat Map

The Heat Map tab displays daily attendance data for every active student in your school, updated through the RDAL report. It contains student-level attendance data from prior school years, current year-to-date attendance broken down by month, week, and day of week. Attendance is color-coded to highlight trends across days, weeks, and months.

Attendance Dashboard

Provides a high-level snapshot of attendance patterns by different groupings of students (i.e., cohort, grade, and DOE Risk Criteria) for the current school year, the prior school year, and by month.

Printable Student List

Allows you to create lists of students that fall within a specific attendance view (i.e. by Point Person, DOE Risk Group, Attendance Changes, etc.). Within the attendance view, students can be identified further by selecting a criteria.

Student Attendance Profile

Pulls in an individual student’s attendance data (prior years, current year-to-date, number of days absent/late, etc.) along with any support/interventions assigned to the student.

Attendance Supports/Interventions

Similar to the Supports/Interventions tab in the Student Sorter, this tab allows you to populate Attendance Supports/Interventions that are offered to your students. Students are then assigned to these supports/interventions in the Heat Map tab.

Potential Heat Map Tasks

Using the School Snapshot Tab

  • Review the “Daily Attendance for Current Week” table.

  • Review the “Attendance by Month” table.

  • Select the dropdown to change between Point Person and Intervention

Using the Attendance Dashboard Tab

  • “Review the DOE Risk Group Breakdown by School Year” table.

  • Review the “Current School Year Summary” table.

  • Review the “School Year 2020-21 Summary” table.

Using the Heat Map Tab

  • Filter for students who have 100% attendance so far this month

  • Filter for ELL students.

  • Filter for students who have a Housing Status indicator

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