In order for students to be successful in passing their Regents exams, they need reinforcement of key content and skills, as well as reinforcement of key content and skills. Especially if students pass a course but fail the associated exam, the time between when students were last exposed to key content in the course and when the student will retake the Regents exam makes additional support critical for success. Knowing early who will attempt Regents exams empowers schools to make more intentional decisions about how to support students to successfully reattempt. Closely monitoring attendance at these support opportunities, and intervening where students are not actually participating, is essential for promoting success.

This article provides a step-by-step protocol for you to use with your team when conducting a Regents Prep Supports Strategic Data Check-in. Happy exploring!

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Determine SDC Participants and Onboard Relevant Staff to the Portal

Identifying SDC team members in advance of the check-in allows for proper scheduling, communication, and user management to have an effective and productive conversation. Ensuring the proper stakeholders have access to the Portal prior to the check-in allows for users to access the data they need in order to best accomplish check-in goals and task. Visit here for more support with getting all relevant staff onboarded to the Portal.

Ensure Regents Planning is Complete

Refer to the Regents Planning SDC Unit Plan for instructions on how to plan students for Regents exams.

Identify Existing Regents Prep Courses

Identifying current courses on the master program that prepare students for Regents exams allows the Portal to accurately flag which students need additional support. This article will provide an overview of the Master program and how users can use it as a means of Regents prep planning.


Review User Management to Ensure Point People and Support Leads have Proper Access

Ensuring the proper stakeholders have access to the Portal prior to the check-in allows for users to access the data they need in order to best accomplish check-in goals and tasks. Point People must have editor-level access or higher. Support Leads can have viewer-level access or higher, as determined by the principal. For instructions on how to grant Portal access to staff members, see this article.

Add Regents Prep Supports to the Portal

Adding Regents Prep Supports in the Portal allows the user to assign students to them later. Follow the steps in this guide to add supports to the Portal. It provides explicit instructions on adding supports, as well as additional guiding questions.

Assign a Regents Point Person to Every Student

Assigning Regents Point People ensures that all students have an adult who is monitoring their Regents Prep needs and intervening when they need additional help. Click here to learn how to assign and monitor Academic Point People.

Assign Students to Regents Prep Supports

Assigning students to Regents Prep Supports ensures that they receive every available opportunity to prepare for their exams. Click here to learn how to assign students to Regent Prep Supports.

Check for Quality and Completion

Verifying that students graduating this year are receiving prep is the first priority because they have fewer administrations to attempt needed exams. Verifying that younger students are receiving prep is a critical element of keeping them on track for graduation. Click here to learn how to identify students struggling academically with no Support.


Take Attendance in All Regents Prep Supports

Invite Activity Leads to Take Attendance by generating an invitation Email. To do this select Navigate to Regents planning from the left side nav. Then scroll to Step 9 of the Wizard and click on INVITE LEADS TO TAKE ATTENDANCE to generate a draft email including all Support Leads and their assigned Support details. The contents and recipients of this email can be edited before being sent.

Taking attendance in the Portal allows administrators and lead teachers to promote transparency and action around who is showing up to prep activities. This data also help schools think through which activities are more or less successful in preparing students for their exams. For guidance on how to take attendance in a support, see this article.

Review Support Attendance

Reviewing attendance in supports helps staff members determine which students need additional attention. Admin- and Editor-level users of the Portal see all supports at the school when they open the My Supports page. Users with lower access levels only see the supports for which they are listed as lead. For guidance on how to monitor attendance in a support, see the section on reviewing attendance in this article.

Review New Marking Period Data and Adjust Support Assignment

After each marking period, there may be new students who are failing or borderline-failing Regents-aligned courses. Assigning these students to prep supports gives them additional resources for passing their needed exams. Click here to review students who are failing or borderline-failing.

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