Planning ahead for Regents exams includes both planning early within the term and planning forward for upcoming administrations. Planning Regents exams early ensures that schools have time to carefully consider each student’s pathways and to communicate early with students about plans. Early planning is also important to ensure schools can offer preparatory opportunities that provide students with the best chance to pass needed exams. Planning forward for upcoming administrations ensures that schools are making real the Graduation Plan set for each student; in circumstances where students are planned to graduate in June, it is clear which exams will be attempted in which administration to ensure on time graduation. Recording Regents plans in the Portal enables multiple staff in a school to weigh in during decision-making, understand pathway options for a student, understand plans after they are set, and be responsive in next term course planning.

This article provides a step-by-step protocol for you to use with your team when conducting a Regents Planning Strategic Data Check-in. Happy exploring!

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Finalize Programs

After consulting with all staff members responsible for deciding students’ courses, enter all programs in STARS. Entering student programs in STARS allows the Portal to accurately assess which courses are Regents culminating.

Review Graduation Plans

Verifying that graduation plans have been assigned according to the school’s metrics helps prioritize the Regents Gaps analysis. Refer to the Grad Planning SDC Unit for instructions on how to review graduation plans.


An Introduction to the Portal's Regents Planning features

The Portal makes it easy for schools to identify students who are not planned for all the Regents exams they need to end the upcoming administration on track in Regents. You can use the Portal to identify the Regents requirements each student needs to fulfill, make scheduling adjustments for the upcoming administration, and set plans for future admins. The plans you enter in the Portal can then be exported for easy upload into STARS and other systems of record. Understanding what Regents students need and ensuring they are scheduled appropriately helps to keep students on track for their graduation plans. This article will provide an overview of the key features available in the Portal for Regents planning.

Set School On-Track Regents Metrics

Entering the school’s general Regents programming sequence in the Portal allows it to flag any student who is potentially off-track with respect to exams. Click here to learn how to set the credit metrics for your school.


Review Credit Gaps for Groups of Students

Prioritizing planning for these students is essential because they have the least amount of time to pass exams in future administrations and may need additional attempts to open up alternate pathways to graduation. Assigning exams in bulk to students ensures that no missing exams are overlooked. The Credit Gaps wizard was designed to make it easy to review and prioritize groups of students who have credit gaps. Learn more here.

Assign Course Plans to Address Credit Gaps

Credit gaps can be addressed by adjusting the current term programming or creating an explicit plan for when in the future a student will attempt to earn the credit. These actions can be taken in the Student Profile. Learn more here.

Uploading current term course plans to STARS

Once course additions and course drops are set in the Portal for the current term, an export can be generated for upload into STARS. Learn more here.


Enter Exam Plans in STARS (DOE Schools Only)

Entering exam plans in STARS is necessary to officially program students’ exams

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