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This article provides a step-by-step protocol for you to use with your team when conducting a Credit Gaps Strategic Data Check-in.

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If a student is missing credits needed for Graduation - whether because the student has not attempted credits or failed prior attempts - an explicit plan should exist for when the student will attempt to earn the credit. This plan should prioritize closing credit gaps in the current term by adjusting the student’s program, but where that is not feasible, identifying what courses a student will take in the future and when. Recording these plans in the Portal, using course codes, helps manage a complicated process and simplifies future decision-making.

This article provides a step-by-step protocol for you to use with your team when conducting a Credit Gaps Strategic Data Check-in. Happy exploring!

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An Introduction to the Portal's Course Planning features

We build the Portal to make it easy for schools to identify students who are not programmed to end the term on track in credits. You can use the Portal to identify the credit areas where students have gaps, make course programming adjustments for the current term, and set course plans for future terms. The course plans you enter in the Portal can then be exported for easy upload into STARS and other systems of record. Understanding what courses students needs and ensuring they are scheduled appropriately helps to keep students on track for their graduation plans.

This article will provide an overview of the key features available in the Portal for course planning

Understand Credit Gaps for a Single students

The easiest way to understand how credit gaps are calculated is to take a deep dive into a single student. Learn more here!


Review Credit Gaps for Groups of Students Using the Credit Gaps Wizard

The Credit Gaps wizard was designed to make it easy to review and prioritize groups of students who have credit gaps. Learn more here!

Assign Plans for Addressing Credit Gaps to all 4th Year and Older Students

Credit gaps can be addressed by adjusting the current term programming or creating an explicit plan for when in the future a student will attempt to earn the credit. These actions can be taken in the Student Profile. Learn more here!


Upload Current Term Course Plans to STARS

Once course additions and course drops are set in the Portal for the current term, an export can be generated for upload into STARS. Learn more here!

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