We know a graduation plan is the foundation on which all other student planning is done. It is each student’s best-case graduation outcome (diploma type and graduation date), not a prediction of likeliest outcome. Recording these in the Portal allows a school to backwards-plan key actions to give all students the best chance to graduate.

This article provides a step-by-step protocol for you to use with your team when conducting a Graduation Planning Strategic Data Check-in. Happy exploring!

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Review Safety Net Eligibility

Reviewing students for Safety Net eligibility enables staff to identify graduation options available to these students and more accurately monitor their progress to graduation.

1. Verify Safety Net eligibility using SESIS

2. Log into portal.newvisions.org and open the Graduation Planning Grid

Click on Grad plans in the sidebar to open up the Graduation Planning Wizard. Click on Grid in the top right corner.

3. Filter for all cohorts

Filter the Class column for all cohorts.

4. Select eligible students

Select eligible students in the grid by checking off the checkboxes on the left hand side.

5. Indicate Safety Net Eligibility

In the upper righthand corner, click Batch Edit. In the pop-up box that appears, type School Indicated Safety Net Eligible in the field. Then select Yes from the dropdown and click Edit Students to indicate these students are Safety Net Eligible.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 based on other information in the Grid

Look at the column Potentially Eligible for Safety Net for students who had a prior IEP, previous 504 or a current 504.

Add Supports for Subgroups

Adding supports to the Portal at this stage of Graduation Planning facilitates the assignment of students to supports later in the process.

There are a few different types of supports needed for student subgroups. NYSAA-eligible students will be put in supports for DLM (Dynamic Learning Maps) assessments. Students pursuing a Superintendent’s Determination will be put into a support that consists of assembling a portfolio of their work. For guidance on how to enter supports in the Portal, see this article.


Understand Key Features for Graduation Planning

Review An introduction to the Portal's Graduation Planning features


Set Graduation Plans

The Graduation Planning wizard was designed to make it easy to apply and review graduation plans for groups of students at a time. Here you will find a related article that walks through these steps.


Monitor Student Progress to Graduation

Once graduation plans are set, use the Graduation dashboards to monitor progress and identify students falling off track. This article can assist with the best way to monitor student progress.

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