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We know attendance is the foundation that puts a student in a position to take advantage of all opportunities to be successful and advance to the next grade level. Grouping students by attendance trends allows school leadership to efficiently organize resources and align attendance supports to the needs of their students. For example, a student with an 85% attendance rate may need a different support from one whose attendance rate is 40%. Assigning a point person responsible for individual student follow-up allows for close monitoring, proactive response and the implementation of practices which support improved attendance for each student.

This article provides a step-by-step protocol for you to use with your team when conducting an Attendance Strategic Data Check-in. Happy exploring!

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Determine SDC Participants and Onboard Relevant Staff to the Portal

Identifying SDC team members in advance of the check-in allows for proper scheduling, communication, and user management to have an effective and productive conversation. Ensuring the proper stakeholders have access to the Portal prior to the check-in allows for users to access the data they need in order to best accomplish check-in goals and task. Visit here for more support with getting all relevant staff onboarded to the Portal.


Review School-Wide Data Trends

Reviewing school-wide trends provides a foundation for the SDC and for further inquiry in the Data Portal Elevating trends identifies areas of success and need in order to take further action. The Dashboard allows you to review school-wide attendance trends by highlighting key attendance metrics such as YTD and daily attendance, and chronic absenteeism. Read this article to understand how you can review Attendance Dashboards for your school. Dashboards are only available for users with School-Wide viewing access

Establish Expectations and Criteria for Attendance Supports and Add to the Portal

Establishing the expectations and criteria of attendance supports provides clear insight into the purpose and goal of the support along with students and staff members having a clear understanding of expectations and goals. For guiding questions on establishing expectations and criteria for a support, along with instructions on how to create a support in the Portal, visit the How to Create Supports guide.


Assign Students to an Attendance Point Person

Assigning all point people who are responsible for following up with individual students allows for close monitoring of student attendance and early intervention upon first indication of declining attendance. Click here to learn how to assign and monitor Attendance Point People.

Identify Incoming Students With Low Attendance and Assign Support

Prioritizing the assignment of support for students who have traditionally struggled with attendance ensures that they are being monitored and intervened with at an earlier point in the school year to break the pattern of chronic absenteeism. Click here to learn how to identify these students and assign them to support or assign an Attendance Point Person responsible for following up with individual students.


Identify Students Struggling With Attendance With No Support

Assigning students struggling with attendance to an attendance support allows you to see which supports are being offered at your school, details about who the support is serving, who is leading the support, and where and when the support is occurring. This allows you to monitor the progress of students assigned to attendance support to better understand students’ support needs. Visit this article to learn how to identify students struggling with attendance with no support.

Review Attendance for Students Currently Assigned to a Support & Make Adjustments to Assignment if Needed

Ensuring that supports are constantly being reviewed for impact allows for an evaluation on whether the student should remain in the support or be assigned to a new one. Visit this article to learn how to monitor attendance for students currently receiving attendance support.

Identify the Students Who Are Consecutively Absent and Assign Attendance Support

Reviewing students who are consecutively absent allows users to prioritize supports for students who are showing signs of chronic absenteeism to try and break the pattern as early as possible. Identify the students who are consecutively absent and assign support or assign an Attendance Point Person responsible for following up with individual students.

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