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Strategic Data Check-ins (SDCs) are protocol-driven conversations that take place at defined points during the school year and focus on using data to support critical administrative and decision-making tasks with a focus on both process and specific decisions being made at the student level. SDCs help schools create a framework for making decisions, and then allow team members to take and record actions at the student and school level.

Distinguishing Features:

  • Student level planning

  • Grounded in data

  • Clear objectives

  • Drives data informed decision-making

  • Intentionally timed to routinely occur at a limited number of critical points in the school year

  • Includes transparent documentation accessible to all participants

This article provides an overview of each Strategic Data Check-in and links to step-by-step protocols for you to use with your team. Happy exploring!

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Attendance SDC

Why do this SDC?

Attendance is the foundation that puts a student in a position to take advantage of all opportunities to be successful and advance to the next grade level. Grouping students by attendance trends allows school leadership to efficiently organize resources and align attendance supports to the needs of their students. For example, a student with an 85% attendance rate may need a different support from one whose attendance rate is 40%. Assigning a point person responsible for individual student follow-up allows for close monitoring, proactive response and the implementation of practices which support improved attendance for each student.

Visit our Attendance Supports SDC Protocol for step-by-step instructions

Graduation Planning SDC

Why do this SDC?

A graduation plan is the foundation on which all other student planning is done. It is each student’s best-case graduation outcome (diploma type and graduation date), not a prediction of likeliest outcome. Recording these in the Portal allows a school to backwards-plan key actions to give all students the best chance to graduate.

Visit our Graduation Planning SDC Protocol for step-by-step instructions

Credit Gaps SDC

Why do this SDC?

If a student is missing credits needed for Graduation - whether because the student has not attempted credits or failed prior attempts - an explicit plan should exist for when the student will attempt to earn the credit. This plan should prioritize closing credit gaps in the current term by adjusting the student’s program, but where that is not feasible, identifying what courses a student will take in the future and when. Recording these plans in the Portal, using course codes, helps manage a complicated process and simplifies future decision-making.

Visit our Credit Gaps SDC Protocol for step-by-step instructions

Regents Planning SDC

Why do this SDC?

Planning ahead for Regents exams includes both planning early within the term and planning forward for upcoming administrations. Planning Regents exams early ensures that schools have time to carefully consider each student’s pathways and to communicate early with students about plans. Early planning is also important to ensure schools can offer preparatory opportunities that provide students with the best chance to pass needed exams. Planning forward for upcoming administrations ensures that schools are making real the Graduation Plan set for each student; in circumstances where students are planned to graduate in June, it is clear which exams will be attempted in which administration to ensure on time graduation. Recording Regents plans in the Portal enables multiple staff in a school to weigh in during decision-making, understand pathway options for a student, understand plans after they are set, and be responsive in next term course planning.

Visit our Regents Planning SDC Protocol for step-by-step instructions

Regents Prep Supports SDC

Why do this SDC?

In order for students to be successful in passing their Regents exams, they need reinforcement of key content and skills, as well as reinforcement of key content and skills. Especially if students pass a course but fail the associated exam, the time between when students were last exposed to key content in the course and when the student will retake the Regents exam makes additional support critical for success. Knowing early who will attempt Regents exams empowers schools to make more intentional decisions about how to support students to successfully reattempt. Closely monitoring attendance at these support opportunities, and intervening where students are not actually participating, is essential for promoting success.

Visit our Regents Prep Supports SDC Protocol for step-by-step instructions

Marking Period Supports SDC

Why do this SDC?

New Visions recognizes that high levels of achievement in all courses are critical to a student’s long term success. Course prioritization helps focus a school’s resources on the highest leverage supports for each student in scenarios where it is difficult to intervene in all possible areas. Using Marking Period 1 data to identify points of intervention early in the term gives school staff time to provide students with the support they need to pass their courses.

Visit our Marking Period Supports Protocol for step-by-step instructions

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