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How to assign a course as Regents prep (Using the Master Program)
How to assign a course as Regents prep (Using the Master Program)
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We build the Portal to make it easy for schools to identify what courses are available in their school, and how to assign any of these courses as Regents prep courses. Understanding what courses students needs and ensuring they are scheduled appropriately helps to keep students on track for their graduation and Regents plans.

This article will provide an overview of the Master program and how users can use it as a means of Regents prep planning.


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What is the Master program?

The Master program is a Portal feature that allows users to view their current course offerings, as well as assign or remove certain courses offered during regular school hours as Regents prep.

How can I assign a course as a Regents prep course?

Follow these steps to assign a course as Regents prep:

  1. Click on Settings from the main left side navigation panel

  2. Click on Master program from the new left side navigation panel that appears

  3. On the right side navigation panel, click Batch actions

  4. Choose which course(s) that you would like to assign as Regents prep, and click on the corresponding check box(es)

  5. Once your course(s) are chosen, click Regents prep then click Assign prep

  6. When the window pops-up, click Select a subject, then choose and click whichever subject this prep will be for

  7. Click Assign

*Note: If you would like to remove courses as Regents prep, follow steps 1-4 however when you get to step 5, click Remove prep instead

**Note: Only users with Admin and Delegated admin access will be able to assign courses as Regents prep

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