This article will help you understand how to view MAP Growth data for specific high school subjects. Before diving in, be sure to review How to log in to the Portal.

As always, don't hesitate to reach out to us directly at schoolsupport@newvisions.org for assistance.


Additional Resources

Screeners List

To view this information:

  • Click Screeners from the Left-side Navigation.

  • Click on the first dropdown, then click on the MAP Growth subject you would like to view. Note: Once a MAP Growth subject is chosen, you can then choose the semester and school year for the data that you would like to view, or progress between two semesters within the same school year

Data Grid

To view this information:

  • From the Dashboard view click the Data grid category on the Left-side Navigation

  • Select Edit Columns to customize the data you are looking for

  • Click Clear all to uncheck pre-selected columns and customize your view

  • Scroll to the Screeners: Map Growth category to select any Map Growth data points you would like to include in your view

  • When you have finished your customization, click Apply columns

  • Click the Filter toggle on the right side of the grid to view filtering options

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