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The Portal is a comprehensive tool designed in collaboration with New York City educators to assist and streamline student planning. The Portal automatically pulls in source data from ATS and STARS every night, so current data is always available in one place.

This article will provide guidance if further individualized support is needed. Happy exploring! As always, feel free to share your feedback at schoolsupport@newvisions.org.


Citywide Training Support

We offer educators citywide training opportunities throughout the year on several Portal-related topics. Since our Portal is constantly expanding, we provide free virtual trainings to guide users on new Portal features and functionalities. We update our calendar to reflect upcoming training opportunities frequently. By clicking on the link below you will see our current calendar and register for any training session. Note: Our training sessions are generally not recorded.

To view our current citywide training opportunities:

School-wide Support

Our school support team develops and facilitates all Citywide training sessions but is also available to schedule and facilitate individual school training sessions. Individual school training sessions can cover one or many topics and be available for one user or as many users as the requester wants. The particular training logistics are discussed between the facilitator and the requestor.

To request an individual session, send an email to:

In Portal Support

An enlarged blue question mark at the bottom right corner of every screen is our Portal help feature. This allows users to ask questions without navigating away from the Portal. After clicking the question mark, users are able to submit feedback or ask a question to someone from the Portal team. This help feature also allows users to search our online database of informational articles aimed to support while using the Portal!

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