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This article will introduce you to the features in the Portal that help support you in understanding which students are eligible for a Special Appeal.


What is a Special Appeal?

In May 2022, the Board of Regents approved a temporary expansion of the existing process to appeal to graduate with a lower score on a Regents examination taken in the 2021-22 and 2022-23 school years.

Students who have passed a course of study leading to a Regents examination and who have scored a 50-64 during the June 2022, August 2022, January 2023, June 2023, or August 2023 examination administration periods may file a Special Appeal to apply such scores as passing scores toward a diploma (NYSED Memo).

The Portal makes it easy to understand which students are eligible for a Special Appeal so that you can ensure that every Special Appeal for every eligible student is submitted.

School Dashboard

The School Dashboard has a tile titled "4th year students potentially eligible for 1+ Special Appeals" that shows the count of active 4th year students who have a Regents score of 50-64 and coursework completed for one or more subjects aligned to a Regents requirement needed for their planned diploma type.

Click on this tile to navigate to the Breakdown, where you can use the dropdowns to apply filters and groupings to compare metrics across a variety of subgroups - by grade or class, ethnicity, special population status, and more.

Click into any row in the table to see the Student List. In the Student List, you can view the list of students grouped by each Special Appeal eligibility category (Potentially eligible for Special Appeal, Not eligible for Special Appeal, and All requirements met) alongside columns showing relevant student information, listed here:

  • Planned diploma type

  • Planned grad date

  • Regents requirements scored at 50-64 & courses completed

  • Regents requirements scored at 50-64 & courses in progress

  • Regents requirements met

  • Regents requirements not eligible

Student Profile Regents Panel

In the Student Profile Regents Panel, there is a column showing an exam's Coursework Status for Special Appeal, which reflects a student's progress towards completing coursework aligned to that Regents exam scored at 50-64 that would qualify for a Special Appeal.

Together with the Max Score and Most Recent Attempts columns, the Coursework Status for Special Appeal column should help you understand which exams a student is eligible to submit a Special Appeal for.

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