This article will help you understand how to use the Portal to look at marking period data alongside other data. Before diving in, be sure to review How to log in to the Portal.

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The Data Grid is a view in the Portal that displays student-level data in a spreadsheet-like format, including: demographics, attendance, screener data, and much more. The purpose of this feature is to let you customize the data you want to see by adding or removing columns and filtering or sorting the data to get the view you need. The Data Grid reduces the need for users to take data out of the Portal by bringing all information together in one place.


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Data Grid

Follow these steps to view marking period data alongside other data in the Data Grid:

  1. Navigate to the Data Grid from the main left sidenav

  2. Select Edit columns from the main grid toolbar

  3. Click on All fields and select Academics category

  4. Filter to apply that category

  5. Select or unselect any columns you want to add or remove from the grid

  6. Click Apply to explore your custom data view

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