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We build the Portal to make it easy for schools to identify students who are struggling with coursework throughout the year. You can use the Portal to identify students failing courses, those students in danger of potentially failing courses, and use this information to place these students in targeted supports. Closely monitoring marking period data helps to keep students on track for their graduation plans.

This article will provide an overview of the key features available in the Portal related to marking period grades.

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Your marking period data

In order to have marking period data displayed in the Portal, grades must be put into STARS. Like most other datasets, this information is pulled into the Portal on a daily basis.

Marking period data in the Academic List

The Academic List displays a summary of course performance for the current marking period.

Currently you can use the Academic List to:

  1. Identify students failing courses needed for graduation: Learn more here

  2. Identify students failing courses according to their most recent marking period data: Learn more here

  3. Identify which students have an 80+ GPA: Learn more here

Marking period Dashboard

The Dashboard highlights the percent of students in their first, second, third, or fourth year of high school who have above an 80 grade point average.

Currently you can use the Dashboard to:

  1. Review which of your students have an 80+ GPA: Learn more here

Marking period data in the Student Profile

The Student Profile contains every data point available for a student within the Portal. These data points are categorized by panels including (but not limited to), Basic Info, Graduation,Credit Gaps, and Regents. Clicking on a panel will expand it, and show users the students information as it relates to the category. By clicking on the Current Program panel, users will be able to view marking period information including: Course Title, Course Code, Credits earned from their courses, whether or not any given course is required for graduation and, the official marking period grade. It'll also inform users whether or not a student has any supports.

Marking period data in the Data Grid

The Data Grid is a view that displays student-level data in a spreadsheet-like format, including: demographics, attendance, screener assessments, ELA & Math State Exam scores, marking period grades, and much more. The purpose of this feature is to let you customize the data you want to see by adding or removing columns and filtering or sorting the data to get the view you need. Click here to learn how to look at marking period data alongside other data in the Portal and create your customized view!

Marking period grades for middle school students

Currently, marking period grades are only available for middle school students by visiting a student profile. By scrolling down to the "Academic" panel and using the toggle to select "courses" all marking period data for that student can be viewed.

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