ELL status field

A new “ELL status” field has been added to the Student Profile to align with NY State ELL categories. You can now easily distinguish students who are “Former ELLs” from “Ever ELLs”. “Former ELL” students are mandated to have ENL (English as a New Language) supplemental support services for two years after testing as proficient in English. “Ever ELLs” are students who have completed two school years under “Former ELL” classification who are no longer entitled to ENL supplemental support.

The “ELL status” field displays the following possible values as defined by NY State:



Current ELL

Students who have not yet met the criteria to exit (Current) ELL status and are therefore entitled to ENL support services. These students are required to take the NYSESLAT in the spring.

Note: See Former ELL for exit criteria

Former ELL

Students who have met the criteria to exit (Current) ELL status are entitled to ENL supplemental support for 2 school years.

Exit Criteria:

  • Score “Commanding” on NYSESLAT OR,

  • Score “Expanding” on NYSESLAT AND scored a 65% or better on ELA Regents (HS) or scored a 3 or better on NYS ELA assessment (grades 3-8)

Ever ELL

Students who have completed 2 school years under Former ELL classification are no longer entitled to ENL supplemental support.

Never ELL

Students who have never been classified as ELLs or whose home language is English.

For more information please visit the NY State Education site.

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