How to upload Regents Plans to STARS

How to upload Regents Plans to STARS

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This article will explain how to upload Regents plans to STARS using the Portal. Let's get started!


How to generate export to STARS

Follow these steps to upload Regents plans to STARS:

  1. Click on Regents Planning on the left side navigation to navigate to the Regents Planning Wizard

  2. Adjust the metrics to display graduation class and, type of diploma that you would like to export

  3. Go to Plan Students for Regents Needed to be On Track section

  4. Once all steps are completed (1-10), go to step 11 where you will find the Generate STARS export* button

  5. Click on Generate STARS export* and the document will be saved to your device as a csv document

  6. Open STARS and choose the saved document, to upload the Regents plans

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