This article will explain how to assign graduation plans to groups of students using the grad planning wizard. Let's get started by selecting Grad Plans from the left hand sidebar!


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Selecting Student Groups for Planning

  • Once you are in the wizard, use the dropdown in the top left to select the cohort of students you want to plan for

  • The color-coded chart below represents the current graduation plans and plan grad rates according to the user entered graduation plans in the Portal

  • Note: To accurately reflect all students on a school roster, this chart includes students who have been discharged for codes related to graduation (D-grad) as well as for negative discharge codes (D-neg.)

Graduation Planning Using the Wizard Steps

  • The bottom of the Grad Planning Wizard allows you to follow prescribed steps to ensure that all students have a completed graduation plan

  • The first three steps ensure that prerequisites have been completed so that accurate graduation plans can be determined

  • Steps four through nine break students into groups based on graduation date and diploma type using the criteria established by the school in the graduation planning metrics

  • Step ten allows you to individually focus on students who will need a graduation plan beyond this school year according to the school metrics

  • As part of some graduation plans, credentials and endorsements can also be added to student profiles using step 11

  • The last couple steps serve as reminders to ensure all students have an accurate graduation plan; step 12 prompts you to complete steps 1 - 11 for other cohorts, while step 13 points out additional factors to consider including attendance and safety net eligibility

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