Follow these steps to review flagged F&P data and follow up with teachers:

  • Click on Dashboard from the main left sidenav. Dashboards can only be viewed by users with a School-Wide or Admin access level.

  • Click into the Flagged F&P data for review tile

  • Use the 2nd dropdown to filter for the students you want to view, and the 3rd dropdown to group by grade

  • Hover over the bar graphs for more details and review the table below

  • Identify the grades with the most data flags and discuss what factors may contribute to these counts

  • Look deeper into the grade you identified by changing the second dropdown to that grade and the third dropdown to official class

  • For each official class row, click on the number in the Total(#) Students with Flags column to identify which students may need to have their test administration reviewed due to data discrepancies.

  • Continue to do this for all teachers in the identified grade. Optionally, repeat for remaining grades.

Visit Creating and Assigning Supports to assign these students to supports in the Portal

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