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The Portal makes it easy to identify incoming students with low attendance. In the Attendance List, users can focus on a specific group of students and hone in on different periods such as attendance previous school day, attendance last five days, attendance last ten days, and more. In each list view, you can group students in various ways. One grouping option is by Admin date. Grouping by Admin date allows you to identify students new to your school struggling with attendance.

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Identify Students Struggling with Attendance with No Support

Follow these steps to identify incoming students with low attendance in the Portal:

  1. Navigate to the Attendance List from the main left sidenav

  2. Click on the 1st dropdown to select Attendance this year

  3. Use the 3rd dropdown to select Admin date

  4. Click on the column header Attendance this year to sort the column and bring the newest students to the top

  5. Review the column Current YTD Attendance to identify the students with low attendance

    Learn how to assign these students to supports in the Portal or assign an Attendance Point Person responsible for following up with individual students

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