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The Portal makes it easy to monitor the students in your school who have been consecutively absent. In the Dashboard, you can quickly see the status of important indicators such as the percent of students who have missed two or more of the most recent school days. This helps you stay on top of students who have been absent to ensure they don't fall through the cracks and are being monitored daily.

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Identify students who have been consecutively absent

Follow these steps to review the students who were consecutively absent for 2 or more of the most recent school days:

  1. Click on Dashboard from the main left sidenav

  2. Click on the Absent past 2+ days tile to navigate to the Breakdown view

  3. Use the 2nd dropdown to filter for the students you want to view and the 3rd dropdown to group your students

  4. Hover over each bar in the graph to view the percentage of students falling into the different attendance risk groups

  5. Below the bar graph, review the data in tabular form. Hover over a column header for more information

  6. Click on a row in the table to review the Student list

Learn how to assign these students to supports in the Portal or assign an Attendance Point Person responsible for following up with individual students

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