This article will help you understand how to view where your students fall within all domains under MAP Growth. Before diving in, be sure to review How to log in to the Portal.

This article will provide an overview of how to view students who have made at or above average progress in Map Growth between Fall and Winter admins in the Portal. As always, don't hesitate to reach out to us directly at schoolsupport@newvisions.org for assistance.


Additional Resources

Dashboard View

To view this information:

  • To access the Dashboard click Dashboard from the Left-side Navigation and scroll to the Screeners category to view all of the available screener tiles

  • Navigate to the Breakdown view by clicking on the tile, At or above average Progress for Map Growth. Users can choose between Map Growth Reading or Map Growth Math. Note: This metric is the percent of active students who reach 41% of the conditional growth percentile or higher between the Fall and Winter administration periods.

  • Click the 2nd dropdown to filter for the students you would like to focus on, and the 3rd dropdown to group your students

  • Hover over each bar in the graph to view the percentage of students in each group

  • Below the bar graph, review the data in tabular form. Hover over a column header for a tooltip to populate with more information

  • Click on a row in the table to review the Student List to see the students separated into each grouping

Data Grid

To view this information:

  • From the Dashboard view click the Data grid category on the left side-nav

  • Select Edit Columns to customize the data you are looking for

  • Click Clear all to uncheck pre-selected columns and customize your view

  • Scroll to the Screeners: Map Growth category to select Map Growth: Reading Growth Quintile (Fall to Winter) and any other Map Growth data points you would like to include in your view

  • When you have finished your customization, click Apply columns

  • Click the Filter toggle on the right side of the grid to view filtering options

  • Scroll down to column Map Growth: Reading Growth Quintile (Fall to Winter)

  • Filter this column for the students who have made at or above 41% of the conditional growth percentile by checking only the Mid or Above checkbox

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