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In collaboration with the NYC Department of Education, the Portal now integrates a variety of academic screener data. Our goal is to make it easy for you to identify patterns and trends in student performance in key academic areas across screeners, to easily view screener data alongside other key student performance metrics, and to identify students who may need specific attention or support.

This article will provide an overview of the key features available for monitoring Acadience screener data in the Portal. Happy exploring! As always, feel free to share your feedback at schoolsupport@newvisions.org.


Your Acadience Data

Before diving into features, it may be helpful to know what data from the Acadience screener (previously known as DIBELS assessment) is available in the Portal and where it comes from. Acadience data is available for K-6 students and is sent to us nightly by the NYC DOE. Each day you should expect to see any changes in your Acadience data from the prior day reflected in the Portal by around 9AM. The Portal includes students' Composite Scores, Benchmark Status, Composite Goals, and Composite Pathway data. Literacy and math measures are also available for each administration period for the current school year.

Acadience Dashboards

The Dashboard highlights key Acadience metrics such as the percentage of 2nd-grade students At or Above Benchmark Status.

To access the Dashboard, scroll down to the Screeners Reading or Screeners Math section to view all available Screener tiles.

Currently, you can use these Dashboards to:

  1. Identify students who are At or Above Benchmark Status for each administration period: Learn more here

  2. Identify students who are At or Above Benchmark Status on every measure they have been assessed on, for each administration period: Learn more here

  3. Understand how students progress toward proficiency in the Winter and Spring by selecting progress views based on the students' Composite Pathway data.

Click on a Dashboard Tile to navigate to the Breakdown, where you can apply filters and compare metrics across various subgroups - by grade or class, ethnicity, special population status, and more.

Acadience Data in the Screeners List

The Screener List view allows you to review the Composite Score and Status of students and hone in on specific subgroups of students to identify groups of students who may need additional support quickly.

To access the Screener List, click Screeners from the Left-side Navigation.

Currently, you can use the List to:

  1. View students At or Above Benchmark status on each Literacy and Math measure: Learn more here

Use the drop-downs at the top of the page to configure your List by selecting a Focus (such as Screener type and subject) and Grouping (for all second-grade students, for example).

Acadience Data in the Data Grid

Follow these steps to view Acadience data alongside other data in the Data Grid:

  1. Navigate to the Data Grid from the main Left-side navigation.

  2. Select Edit Columns from the main grid toolbar.

  3. Click on All fields and select Screeners - Acadience.

  4. Use the checkboxes to the right of the column names to select or de-select columns.

  5. Click Apply to explore your custom data view.

Acadience Data in the Student Profile

The Screeners Panel in the Student Profile brings together all of a student's screener data points in a single screen. To access the Student Profile, select a student's name from any List or the Data Grid.

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