The Portal makes it easy to create, manage, and assign students to Supports so you can monitor your school's range of services that are designed to improve student outcomes.

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Follow these steps to monitor student progress in a Support:

  • Click on either Attendance, Academics, Post-Secondary or, Screeners from the main left sidenav

  • Use the first dropdown to choose the metric you would like to focus on and the second dropdown to select the students you want to view

  • From the third dropdown, click on Support. Note: If you do not see Support, and see the word None instead, this means that a support for that specific category does not yet exist in your school

  • Locate the student or support you would like to view Note: Users have the option to filter the column any column in the table shown

Follow these steps to monitor active supports using the Data Grid:

  1. Click on Data grid from the main left sidenav

  2. Click Edit columns

  3. Click the box next to Clear all

  4. In the search bar, type in Supports, then click Active Supports. Note: You can choose to view as many or as few support categories at once

Follow these steps to monitor active supports using Sync Sheets

  1. Click on Other tools from the main left sidenav

  2. Click Synced sheets on the next left sidenav that appears

  3. On the top right-hand side, click Create new sheet

  4. Name your sheet, choose the status of the students you would like to view, choose how you would like to filter the students, then click Next

  5. In the Columns To Include box, type in both Student Supports and Past Student Supports, then click Next

  6. Under Automatic Updates, click Daily, then click Create

  7. The Synced Sheet is now created, and will now appear at the top of the Synced sheets page and in an email

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