This article will help you understand how to view where your students fall across the various achievement levels when looking at their MAP Growth score.

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How to view the distribution of students across achievement levels

  • Access the Screeners List by clicking on Screeners from the Left-side Navigation.

  • Use the first dropdown to select the screener and administration you would like to view.

  • Use the second dropdown to view a particular subset of students.

  • Select Achievement Level in the third dropdown.

  • Notice the students in the List are now grouped by their Achievement Level:

    • Low - Percentile up to 20th

    • Low-Average - Percentile 21st TO 40th

    • Average - Percentile 41st TO 60th

    • Average-high - Percentile 61st TO 80th

    • High - Percentile 81st and above

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