This article will help you understand how to identify the students categorized as at or above average using the most recent MAP Growth score.

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From the Dashboard

  • From the Dashboard, navigate to the Screeners category and select appropriate Dashboard Tile (At or above 41st percentile for MAP Growth Reading / Math). A student's percentile is based on their RIT score for the most recent administration (Fall, Winter, or Spring).

  • From the Breakdown view, adjust the second and third dropdowns to look at specific subgroups, or leave as is to identify all students from a specific grade

  • Select the row for students you would like to identify

  • Students in the Percentile 81+, Percentile 61-80, and Percentile 61-80 groups are at or above average

From the Screeners List

  • From the Screeners List, adjust first dropdown for specific screener and particular administration

  • Adjust second dropdown for group of students to view

  • Select Achievement Level in the third dropdown

  • Students in the High, Average-high, and Average groups are at or above average

From the Data Grid

  1. Navigate to the Data Grid from the Left-side Navigation

  2. Select Edit Columns from the Main Toolbar

  3. Click on All fields and select Screeners - MAP Growth category

  4. Use the checkboxes to the right of the column names to select or de-select columns

  5. Click Apply to explore your custom data view

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