This article will help you understand how to use the Portal to identify which students are at or above the benchmark based on the most recent Acadience data.

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Acadience benchmark goals are scores that represent skills for a particular grade and time of year. Students in the at or above range have received a composite score of 70% or higher.

Using the Dashboard

  • From the Dashboard scroll to the Screeners category

  • Navigate to the Breakdown view by clicking on the 2nd-grade students at or above benchmark status, Acadience Reading tile

  • Click the 1st dropdown to select the Acadience metric, the 2nd dropdown to filter for the students you would like to focus on, and the 3rd dropdown to group your students.

  • Hover over each bar in the graph to view the percentage of students in each group

  • Below the bar graph, review the data in tabular form. Hover over a column header for a tooltip to populate with more information

  • Click on a row in the table to review the Student List view to see the students separated into each benchmark status

In the Student List, see students grouped by composite status. Within each composite status grouping, the literacy measures and overall composite score will be listed.

Using the Data Grid

  • From the Dashboard view click the Data Grid option on the Left-side Navigation

  • By default, users can examine all literacy measures separated into columns which can be filtered for relevant groups

    • To change the data being displayed select Edit Columns and choose relevant data

    • Click on All fields and select Screeners - Acadience category

    • Scroll down to Composite Status for the preferred administration window

    • Use the checkboxes to the right of the column names to select or de-select columns

    • Check the At and the Above checkbox to display students at or above benchmark

    • Click Apply to explore your custom data view

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