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The attendance-taking feature allows Activity Leads (staff members running the Support) to record which students attend each meeting of a Support. These records can then be reviewed by school leadership to see the attendance rate for each Support.

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Follow these steps to take attendance within a support:

  • Click on Supports from the main left sidenav Note: Attendance can be taken by the assigned Activity Lead or by any user with School Wide Editor or Admin access. For more information about Portal access levels, click here!

  • Click on a Support to View the Student Roster and Take or Edit Attendance

  • From the right side click Take Attendance

  • Click on the three vertical dots to take student attendance for the selected date Note: Users have the options to choose Present, Late, Absent, or Excused

Follow these steps to review attendance trends for students receiving supports:

  • Click on Attendance from the main left sidenav

  • From the first dropdown, choose whether you would like to view attendance trends for the past 5, 10, or 20 days

  • From the third dropdown, click on Support

  • Locate the student or support whose attendance you would like to view Note: Users have the option to filter the column that indicates how many days the student has missed

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