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Access to the Portal for district staff, coaches, and school support organization staff is managed by designated Portal administrators within each organization. This article will explain the ins and outs of how Portal administrations can grant and manage Portal access for their staff.

Note: If you work in a school, and are looking for information on how to manage access for school-based staff, see this article.

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How to create a new district or school support user

If you are a Portal administrator for your team or organization you can create users and manage access levels for the staff who work on your team from the User Management section of the Portal.

  1. Navigate to the Network Portal.

    1. From the School Picker, select View Network

    2. From within a School Portal, click on the school switcher in the Left-side Navigation (beneath the Portal logo), select View Network

  2. Navigate to the User Management page by clicking on Settings in the Left-side Navigation. Then select User Permissions.

  3. Select Add User from the Right-side Toolbar

  4. Define the user's name, email(s), title, and access level. To learn more about the permissions associated with each access level see this article.

  5. If you selected the Network and School access level, you are granting the staff member the ability to enter individual school Portals in addition to seeing school data in aggregate in the Network Portal. The next step will be to define the portfolio of schools that the user should have access to within the universe of schools you work with. Click Next to define the user's portfolio.

  6. Click Create

Note: DOE Superintendent accounts are automatically created and managed by New Visions based on DOE source data. All other DOE accounts are created and managed manually by designated Portal administrators via the steps above.

How to modify user details and access levels

From the User Management section of the Portal:

  1. Click the Three Dot Menu next to the user's row

  2. Select Edit Details to open the Edit User Modal

  3. Set the appropriate permissions for the user in the Access Level Dropdown. To learn more about the permissions associated with each access level see this article.

  4. Click Save to apply the changes

How to delegate admin privileges to another staff member

To delegate admin privileges to another staff member on your team, follow the steps above to edit the user's details. Beneath the user's access level check Can Manager Users. This user will now be able to access the User Permissions page.

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