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We build the Portal to make it easier for schools to monitor attendance, identify students who need attendance support and track support participation. You can use the Portal to stay on top of students' attendance trends, and understand the full scope of attendance supports being provided at your school.

This article will provide an overview of the key attendance features available in the Portal. Happy exploring! As always, feel free to share your feedback at


Your Attendance Data

Before diving into features, it may be helpful to know what attendance data is available in the Portal and where it comes from. Through our partnership with the Department of Education we process your daily attendance data from ATS on a nightly basis. Each day you should expect to see daily attendance for the prior day updated by around 9AM. We use these data to calculate students' YTD attendance, attendance for specific time periods - last 5, last 10, last 20 school days, for example - and trends by weekday. We process reversals for the prior week on Tuesday mornings. The Portal does not integrate or capture period attendance at this time.

Attendance Dashboards

The Dashboard highlights key attendance metrics such as YTD and daily attendance, and chronic absenteeism.

To access the Dashboard click Dashboard from the Left-side Navigation and scroll to the Attendance category to view all of the available Attendance Tiles.

Currently you can use these Dashboards to:

  1. Explore your school's YTD attendance rate: Learn more here

  2. View attendance for the previous school day: Learn more here

  3. Stay on top of students who have been consecutively absent: Learn more here

Click a Dashboard Tile to navigate to the Breakdown where you can apply filters and compare metrics across a variety of subgroups - by grade or class, ethnicity, special population status and more.

Attendance List

The Attendance List makes it easy to hone in on different periods of time such as attendance for the previous school day or attendance over the last 5 school days to quickly identify groups of students who may need attention.

To access the Attendance List click Attendance from the Left-side Navigation.

Currently you can use the List to:

  1. Examine recent attendance trends for students: Learn more here

  2. Assign students to an attendance support: Learn more here

  3. View incoming students with low attendance: Learn more here

Use the drop downs at the top of the page to configure your List by selecting a Focus (time period), Filter (group of students), and Grouping (way to group the students).

Attendance Panel in the Student Profile

The Attendance Panel in the Student Profile brings together all of a student's attendance data points in a single screen. See a student's recent trends including absences over the last 5, 10, 20 days, and year-to-date, as well as trends by weekday and historical data for the past several school years.

To access the Student Profile, select the name of a student from any List or from the Data Grid.

Attendance Supports

The Portal makes it easy to create, manage, and assign students to Supports so you can monitor your school's range of services that are designed to improve student outcomes. You can create and assign supports for a group of students from any List or the Data Grid, as well as for a single student by navigating to the Supports Panel in the Student Profile. Learn more about the Portal's Support features here.

Attendance Columns in the Data Grid & Synced Sheets

A key goal of the Portal is the make it easy for you to explore all of your data in one place. The Data Grid feature provides a spreadsheet like experience where you can explore over 500+ student-level data points. The Synced Sheets feature provides a similar set of data points for export into a Google Sheet.

Follow these steps to view attendance data alongside other data in the Data Grid:

  1. Navigate to the Data Grid from the left-side navigation

  2. Select Edit Columns from the main toolbar

  3. Click on All fields and select attendance category

  4. Use the checkboxes to the right of the column names to select or de-select columns

  5. Click Apply to explore your custom data view

Follow these steps to create a custom Google Sheet with attendance data:

  1. Navigate to the Other Tools from the Left-side Navigation

  2. Select Synced Sheets

  3. Select Create new sheet and follows the steps to configure your sheet

Generating Student Snapshots

Follow these steps to learn how to generate student attendance reports:

  1. Navigate to a List or the Data Grid from the Left-side Navigation

  2. Enable Batch Actions in the List from the Right-side Toolbar, or in the Data Grid from the Main Toolbar

  3. Check the boxes next to the names of students you would like to generate reports

  4. Select the report you would like to generate from the dropdown menu and click Generate Report.

    1. Report options:

      1. Student snapshot - Allows users to view student attendance trends for the current school year with a monthly breakdown of specific dates missed, monthly attendance percentage, a quick view of recently completed screeners and overall state exam scores.

      2. Academic Report - Allows users to view YTD attendance, count of days missed, assigned supports and a quick view of recently completed screeners, overall state exam scores and F&P data.

      3. Student Assessment - Allows users to view a comprehensive view of screener data and F&P scores.

      4. Dessa (SEL) Report - Includes information about social-emotional learning and the DESSA (SEL) assessment, your school’s contact number, and that student’s DESSA (SEL) ratings for the current school year.

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