The information available in the Portal

For High School

Demographics, Attendance, Regents scores, Credit accumulation, Marking period grades, and engagement.

For Postsecondary

College Readiness, College and Career lists, Milestones completion, CDOS & WBL hours, Financial aid completion (FAFSA and TAP), Activities for career developments.

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For High School


Identify students who need attendance support. Use attendance dashboards, updated daily based on STARS and ATS, to provide an accurate picture of attendance patterns.

Graduation planning

Identify aspirational diploma plans and graduation dates for individual students. Monitor students’ progress towards their plans based on school-based courses and exam sequencing.

Course planning

Ensure students remain on track for graduation by checking students' current programs and transcripts against your school's custom grad planning metrics. Export any program updates made in the Portal into STARS.

Marking period grade analysis

Identify students who are in danger of failing or underperforming in courses and assign them to Supports.

Regents planning

Review and schedule students for Regents exams, taking into account all available pathways to reaching their graduation goals. Easily export any exam changes made in the Portal into STARS.

Regents preparation

Review students scheduled for upcoming Regents administrations and plan instructional activities to support student success.

Note: We also have specific features for Transfer schools - Learn more here!

For Postsecondary


Keep track of key milestones designed to prepare students for life after high school. This includes milestones for career awareness and preparation, financial aid, and the college and career application process.


Monitor the completion of Activities, where students gain in-depth experiences such as work-based learning, job training, and service-learning. Identify students who are not planning for Activities and ensure they get the experiences that will help them succeed in a Postsecondary plan.

Postsecondary choice: college and career

Manage a Postsecondary list for students that includes colleges and careers, and use milestones as a guide for the application process. Ensure that each planned graduate has a final Postsecondary plan.

Key elements

Student Profiles

Offer a deep look into single students.

List Views and Data Grids

Present student-level data in formats that are easy to use and manage.

The Dashboard

Allows staff to quickly see the status of important indicators and enables deeper exploration of data.

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