The information available in the Portal

Demographics, Attendance, F&P formative assessments, 3-8 NYS assessments, and engagement.

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Identify students who need attendance support. Attendance dashboards are updated daily based on STARS and ATS to provide an accurate picture of attendance patterns within the school.

Formative assessment monitoring

Add formative assessment data, such as Fountas and Pinnell, to allow teachers and school leaders to provide targeted reading instruction for all students and identify students in need of extra reading support.


Identify groups of students who need a specific intervention and assign them to a Support to easily monitor progress.

PDF reports

Download printable PDF reports to share and inform conversations around supporting students.

Key elements

Student Profiles
Offer a deep look into single students.

List Views and Data Grids
Present student-level data in formats that are easy to use and manage.

Allows to quickly see the status of important indicators and enables deeper exploration of data.

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