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The Portal makes it easy to monitor student attendance across your school population. In the Dashboard, several views highlight different attendance metrics such as YTD attendance, percent of students chronically absent, and daily attendance for the previous school day. In each of these views, you can group the data in various ways - by grade or class, ethnicity, special population status, and more. One grouping option is by attendance Point Person. Point People are staff members responsible for specific student support areas - Attendance, Academics, Postsecondary, etc. Grouping by attendance Point Person allows you to monitor students' progress assigned to particular staff members better to understand the distribution of attendance needs across Point People.

Assigning all point people who are responsible for following up with individual students allows for close monitoring of student attendance and early intervention upon the first indication of declining attendance. Monitoring the progress of students assigned to a point person allows the staff member to review students' attendance trends, help them make more informed decisions, and possibly change their outreach approach to improve students' attendance.


Assign Attendance Point People

Follow these steps to assign attendance Point People in the Portal:

  1. Navigate to the Attendance list or Data Grid from the main left sidenav

  2. Enable Batch Actions in the Attendance list from the right sidenav, or in the Data Grid from the main grid toolbar

  3. Check the boxes next to the names of students to be assigned the same Point Person

  4. Select Edit fields

  5. Select a staff member's name from the list*

*Note: Only staff members with edit access can be Point People.

Monitor Attendance by Point Person

Follow the steps below to monitor attendance by Point Person:

  1. Click on Dashboard from the main left sidenav

  2. Click on the Chronically absent students tile to navigate to the breakdown view

  3. Click on the 2nd dropdown to select the students you would like to focus on and the 3rd dropdown to select Point Person

  4. Notice you can now see the % of students chronically absent for each Point Person*

  5. Optionally repeat these steps for each of the attendance tiles available on the main Dashboard
    *Note: It is important to keep in mind that this feature is not intended to evaluate the performance of each Point Person, but rather to give you a general idea of the distribution of student need across each Point Person's caseload.

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